Thursday, October 7, 2010

How the light changes with the progressing seasons by Kathleen Gardenswartz

Fall descends and the cool weather brings a distinct and holistic change. The sun shifts, delivering new angles of light and revealing definitions and texture that were lost to us in the direct summer sun. The softer fall daylight is a reprieve from the harsh brightness, it signals an opportunity to rejuvenate the body and relax with spa and with alterations in our self-care routines.

your immunity now.
The best way to build immunity is to create a routine that puts you in the best possible position to fight illness, particularly in the cold of winter. Adjusting your schedule and sleep cycles to maximize your exposure to light will help minimize depression and maximize the time you can spend outside.

Fight-off illness with massage.
Massage is a natural immunity booster for your body. There is not a drug that can compete with the effects of massage. It can ease insomnia and inflammation, relieve physical pain and alleviate depression, increase circulation and reduce the level of stress hormones in the body. It is a critical wellness tool that you can incorporate to strengthen overall immunity and maximize health this fall.

The weather is glorious right now, a perfect time to be outside and physically active. Walking is an easy exercise to incorporate into your life and it allows you to be outside. Exercise is an energy booster and it improves your overall emotional state. So take a walk outside, live in the moment and enjoy every second of light and sublime weather.

Massage and exercise are integral to a good night's sleep. In addition, alter your sleep routine just slightly, it will allow you to take full advantage of daylight as the days get shorter and shorter. Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to maximize your opportunities to enjoy the fall light.

Hydrate and humidify.
Fall light breaks the starkness of summer and alters our mood and routine. During the summer we feel the extremes of light, chlorine and exposure on our tired skin. All the travel, sweat and activity push our bodies to an extreme. The fall is our time to reevaluate, rejuvenate and take care of our bodies.

It is a perfect opportunity to prepare for winter’s attempts to dry your skin. Drinking enough water can boost your metabolism, keep you more alert and enhance overall health and immunity. Humidify your living environment to keep your skin and sinuses healthy and clear.

Nurture yourself.
Set aside time for yourself right now. It is so easy to become so immersed in busy that the beautiful moments all blur together and leave you stressed. Before you know it seasons pass, the new year looms and you are exhausted. Practice living in the moment, take deep breaths on your walk, notice the fall colors and enjoy the new light of fall. Take time to reflect and prepare mind, body and soul for the winter and holiday season.

Establish a new skin care routine that hydrates deeply and often. Get a facial, and ask a professional esthetician for a professional assessment and product recommendation that will take you through the new year. These new routines will help you face the deep winter cold and focus your energy inward.

The weather is glorious and changing, the light is ethereal and the colors invite us to participate in life. It is the interim season to harvest, collect and prepare for the cold. Take time now to enjoy the outdoors, alter your routine and get the most out of every transcendent moment this fall.

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