Thursday, August 5, 2010

Psst.... it's your massage therapist & I have something to tell you.

Sorry to break it to you but your skin is DRY! It's the dog days of summer and too much fun & sun has taken it's toll on your body's largest organ your skin! So here's what you need to do:

1.) Hydrate! I cannot stress enough how you need to drink more water during the hot summer months. Perspiration leads to further dehydration, so don't forget to drink up.

2.) It's a perfect time to add a body treatment to compliment your regular massage sessions. Your skin will feel revitalized and renewed.

Check out my offerings. Body Brush a Pre-Massage exfoliation using a soft brush to remove dead skin cells revealing healthy skin beneath that glows! Hot Towel Massage this apres massage treatment uses draping of warm towels infused with lavender essential oil to warm the muscle tissue providing greater relaxation & stress relief. Soothing Foot Scrub This focus on your "sole" leaves skin feeling soft & moisturized. A rosemary mint scrub polishes skin & followed with a foot massage using generous moisturizing creme. Fees: Add on Services $ 15 each, 2 for $20, or all 3 for $30
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Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the summer!
Your massage therapist,

Nancy James
Massage Napa Valley
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